Why Choose Better Volt

40 years of collective experience in the Solar industry

Geoff Tosio is the director. He’s worked in the local Solar industry since 2010 as a renewable energy consultant and system designer for Solar and Battery systems, specialising in on grid ‘Hybrid’ or ‘Off Grid’ battery design.

Along with our installers Tom & Will Jonhston, Morgan Bowling and David Johnson, we have over 40 years of collective experience in the Solar industry.

Better Volt specialises in modern and safe Solar systems for a variety of applications, and reliable autonomy when there is no grid.

Better design, Better installation, Better service.

We understand finding the perfect solar system is a big decision. That’s why our accredited Solar and Battery designer takes a personalised approach.

In-depth Consultation: We’ll visit your home or business to conduct a thorough energy audit. This helps us understand your unique energy usage.

Custom System Design: Using advanced software, we’ll design one or even two solar system options tailored to your needs. We’ll then clearly explain the potential savings and return on investment for each option.

Off-Grid Expertise: For off-grid systems, we go the extra mile. We’ll work with you to build a detailed load profile considering your specific needs and budget.

We’ll also discuss any adjustments you might need to make regarding appliances to ensure a perfect fit for your off-grid lifestyle.

Quality Products. Quality Solutions

Here in Dorrigo and the surrounding areas, Better Volt takes pride in delivering exceptional solar experiences. Our commitment to quality starts with the products we offer.

Clean Energy Council Approved: We exclusively use solar panels, batteries, and equipment that meet the Clean Energy Council’s strict standards. This ensures you receive reliable, high-performing systems built to last.

Partnering with the Best: We collaborate with leading Australian solar technology companies, giving you access to cutting-edge solutions. This includes partnerships with top battery storage brands, ensuring you have the most advanced options available.

Tailored Systems: Our extensive product range caters to the specific needs of all types of homes and businesses. We offer high-efficiency solar panels that perform well in our climate, along with durable batteries, user-friendly monitoring software to save on energy bills.

Accredited Installers and Designers

Ensuring all our solar installers are CEC accredited and trained is important for your peace of mind and a successful solar experience. CEC accreditation guarantees installers possess the expertise to design and install systems that meet strict safety and performance standards. This translates to a system optimised for your needs, maximising energy generation and minimising risks.

Geoff has a Clean Energy Council accreditation for both Solar, and Solar + Battery systems – A1641687A.

Our installers are Tom & Will Jonhston plus Morgan Bowling, hold accreditations as Electricians as Clean Energy Council Solar technicians. Will and Tom also hold premium brand inverter and battery manufacturer certifications.