EV Charging

The rise of electric cars makes a home EV charger paired with a solar system an unbeatable combination.

Imagine powering your car with free, clean solar energy generated during the day, which equates to 1-2c per km of running cost.

Not only does it save money compared to public stations, but free solar power significantly reduces electricity costs in the long run. Plus, you’re contributing to a cleaner environment by minimising your EV’s carbon footprint.

Homes with this setup are becoming increasingly desirable, potentially boosting your property value.

Why choose BetterVolt for your EV Charging

Dorrigo, a rural gem in New South Wales, is joining the EV revolution. Even in this charming countryside town, residents are looking to eco-friendly transportation.

If you’re thinking of installing an EV Charger, BetterVolt is your perfect choice. Our user-friendly chargers ensure a smooth installation, prioritising safety with high-quality components. BetterVolt chargers are often smart-home compatible, allowing you to schedule charging for off-peak hours and potentially benefit from lower electricity rates.

Plus, their future-proof design guarantees compatibility with most EVs. Choose BetterVolt, power your journeys with clean energy, and be part of a greener Dorrigo.

EV charging support is growing

Australia’s government sees electric vehicles (EVs) as a major part of the transportation future. One hurdle to widespread EV adoption is the lack of charging stations across the country. Good news! Projects are underway to build a national network.

This includes nearly 120 fast chargers along major highways, with plans for more every 150 kilometers, even reaching regional and remote areas. There’s also a separate project for off-grid fast chargers in outback Australia, powered by a mix of solar and backup generators.

With a robust charging network on the horizon, EVs are poised to take over Australian roads. But if you want to ditch public chargers altogether, consider installing solar panels, a battery, and a home EV charger for ultimate convenience.