Solar + Batteries

When building a completely Off Grid Solar system it is essential to start with a professional load profile, please enter your appliance information into the following calculator for a rough estimation – this will provide you with a free downloadable energy consumption spreadsheet. 

If you wish to proceed to a full design then Geoff can provide a free consultation to refine the power surge levels and energy requirements, with a system layout and wiring diagram. Generator integration is essential for cloudy weather backup.

Our head battery installer has 15 years experience in the industry

Battery technology 

A battery has many characteristics to consider: 

  • The price per kilowatt hour / per cycle life (including degradation)
  • The manufacturers warranty, their presence in Australia and their record of after sales support 
  • Independent testing of the batteries degradation
  • Temperature effects – both upper and lower limits
  • Power input ratings – in relation to the above temperature limits
  • Power output ratings – both short term surge, and consistent output ratings
  • Weight
  • Size / Shape 
  • Storage requirements under the new Australian Standards (AS/NZS 5139:2019)
  • Recyclability of materials
  • Toxicity of materials
  • Conflict minerals used in their manufacture
  • Simplicity of installation 
  • Ability to expand capacity and changes to power input/output
  • Water resistance of the enclosure
  • Safety – ability for the cell chemistry to sustain a flame.

We never want to be responsible for a battery fire, and will not stock any technologies that could sustain a flame (thermal runaway). See the – SA big battery fire

The best balance of these characteristics currently on the market is Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), also nicknamed the ‘Safe lithium”. Our Powerplus and BYD batteries are premium brands with long track records in regard to the above aspects.